1st Leadership School Detailed Programme

Preliminary program

Monday 14 Nov

1400     Welcome and announcements

Vr. Marta Aymerich (introducing)

Rector J.A. Planell (welcome)

1415     Elevator introductions

Each leader of every institutional delegation (up to 30 delegations).

1430     Opening Keynote

The Opening up of Education and the Modernization of Higher Education agendas in Europe.

1515     Full 15 minute session of questions and discussion.

1530     Refreshment break (full 30 minutes).

1600     Block 1: Millennials and strategies.

How HE institution has adapted their learning and teaching strategy to cope. The issue of social media for student learning among the new generation of students. Employability issues of millennials.

1730     Close day 1

1800     Cocktail reception (hotel)

Tuesday 15 Nov

0900     Newcomer introductions.

0915     Block 2: Digital libraries and digitally enabled study spaces: more than just a librarian’s issue?

1100     Refreshment break

1120     Block 3: Overcoming academic resistance to ICT-based teaching

Different kinds of universities in different countries on how their ICT-based reform projects have transformed the pedagogy at their institutions. Lecture-casting and social media.

1300     Lunch

1400     Keynote 2: The Promise and the Reality of Analytics.

1430     Full 30-minute session of questions and discussion.

1500     Refreshment break

1515     Block 4: Learning analytics: ready now to serve institutional needs?

1700     Close day 2

Wednesday 16 Nov – PRESIDENTS DAY

0900     Newcomer introductions.

0915     Block 5: New approaches to assessment.

1100     Refreshment break. Note that there will be a change-around of groups for the Blocks.

1120     Block 6: Benchmarking digital institutions.

Specific benchmarking approach, followed by practical work on benchmarking, criteria across the institutions present (different criteria for different groups).

1300     Lunch

1400     Keynote 3: What can we learn from small innovative online HE providers?

Three mini-presentations (10 minutes each) by small innovative online HE providers (public, non-profit foundation, for-profit), followed by a 30-minute panel session. It should be noted that most EU countries do not have such providers – yet they provide interesting role models for innovation pilots, based in particular university departments before later being scaled up across the institution.

1500     Close day 3

1600     Free time for networking

1900     Social Dinner

Thursday 17 Nov

0900     Newcomer introductions.

0915     Keynote 4A: European universities disrupted

Learning gains at university, competences, unbundling and future role of private providers.

1030     Refreshment break

1100     Keynote 4B: European universities disrupted.

1300     Lunch

1400     Block 7: The MOOCs panel

Three mini-presentations (10 minutes each) by senior representatives of MOOC aggregators + 60-minute panel session.

1500     Refreshment break

1530     Block 8A: The Business Case for MOOCs in European HE.

Senior staff present their reasons for developing MOOCs. This is preceded by group introductions and followed by questions and group work as usual. Issues of badges will be covered.

1700     Block 8B: The Business Case for Distance learning in European HE.

On how they see the business case. A number of leading European public universities have partnered with private providers to deliver distance learning at global scale. Other universities have reached a considerable scale by their own efforts, in particular the Open Universities. What are the business cases for distance learning in the various EU countries? And internationally? Group work will focus on the business cases relevant to delegates’ own countries.

1800     Close day 4

Friday 18 Nov

0900     Newcomer introductions (those who arrived after Thursday morning)

0915     Closing panel: Feasible visions of digital universities and how to achieve them.

Panellists (around 5) present a 2-minute evidenced vision statement each (no slides)[1] and then the panel discusses topics raised by the audience.

1030     Refreshment break

1100     Final block 9: on topics of delegates’ choice (no speakers so just 1 hour of Chat then Work)

1215     Selected presentations

(up to 6 – five minutes each) from delegates (focus on those who stayed all week) on what their main “take-aways” are from the Leadership School and how they might take issues forward within their institutions.

1300     Closing LS

1330     Buffet lunch

1500     End