Business models for opening up education – report available

Sustainability of MOOCs, OER and related online education approaches in higher education in Europe

This D-TRANSFORM report is designed to provide guidance for senior managers in higher education institutions, mainly in four Member States of the EU – France, Italy, Spain and UK  – when they come to consider whether to deploy MOOCs and related approaches, and how to justify such decisions in terms of business models and strategic relevance.

There is a focus on public sector institutions, but the full range of university provision is considered, including the open universities and innovative private providers of higher education.

In order to give the work the widest possible relevance to Europe, three other European countries are looked at (Hungary, Ireland and and Belgium Francophone Community) and guidelines given so that readers can research information for their own countries in order to create relevant business models.

The report looks in detail at business models for US-based MOOC aggregators such as Udacity and Coursera, but with the focus on lessons that can be adapted for the European scene. This differs in several ways from the US, including on accreditation issues. It also draws insights from the range of OER, MOOC and online learning developments across Europe.

The report aims to be up to date with MOOC developments until March 2016. Many interesting developments have only fully come to light in the last few months.

DOWNLOAD the report (English version)

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