The D-TRANSFORM project is an initiative co-funded by the European Erasmus+ program. Its goal is to set up a program on leadership development in e-learning, focused on university senior leaders (rectors and vice-rectors) gaining the knowledge of e-learning they require to achieve effective leadership and decision-making in that domain. The project runs for 3 years, from 1 September 2014 to 1 September 2017 and involves 7 partners from 5 different countries (France, Italy, Spain, Hungary and United Kingdom).


  • implement guidelines focused on case studies; on public policies and business model for online learning; recommendations for university strategy based on the use of e-education (2015);
  • organize two leadership schools for senior leaders from European universities. Using a compact format, leadership schools will be organized in Paris and in Barcelona (2016);
  • produce an online training kit (2017) a complement to leadership schools, to be used as an organizational model for implementing university leader programs. The online training kit, as well as the guidelines, will be freely available online;
  • organize three international dissemination events in Barcelona (2015) with the European Distance and e-learning network; in Budapest (2016) with the International University Association; in Paris (2017) with the International Council for Open and Distance Education (partner to be confirmed).