Politiques de transformation numérique dans l’enseignement supérieur

Public Digital Policies in Higher Education – A comparative survey between Spain, France, Italy and the United Kingdom is available to download both in English and French.

The project team is to publish a series of surveys about digital transformation of higher education in Europe providing:

  • the state-of the art on national policies
  • the analysis of business models
  • the implementation of Open Educational resources

The surveys will be included in a final report making recommendations for university governance concerning e-learning as a lever of transformation of higher education in Europe. The 1st survey focuses on a comparative analysis of national policies for university digital transformation, implemented since the beginning of the 21st century. The main outcome of the survey is that no generalization is possible. . While all policies can be categorized within the general trends of the digital transformation, the dynamic of each higher education system puts different actors at the centre, according to the general logics of the systems. The challenge is then to produce conclusions that allow each partner country to engage in a transformation adapted to its own national context.

Download the English version (pdf)

Download the French version (pdf)

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