Leadership for Change in HE Institutions: The D-TRANSFORM Approach

The D-TRANSFORM workshop at the EDEN conference in Budapest was one of those experiences that you would like to reproduce and you never succeed because participants create such an atmosphere that it seems impossible to repeat.

It took place as a workshop at the 2016 Annual EDEN Conference in Budapest , Hungary (14-17 June, 2016).

During the workshop practical recommendations for educational leaders to drive Higher Education (HE) institutions to the level of transformation required for embracing effective digital learning scenarios were discussed.

The starting point of the workshop were the presentations by Paul Bacsich and Anne Boyer who shared with the audience the first intellectual outputs derived from the D-TRANSFORM European project:

Each presentation was followed by a group activity lead by Marta Aymerich to discuss the scope of digital transition in HE, and the sustainability of the various Open Education business models, respectively.

The upcoming D-TRANSFORM Leadership School training program to assist leaders of European universities to develop and use the tools for effective leadership and decision-making for an ICT-facilitated evolution of their institutions wa also introduced.

The challenge was huge: two group activities, one based on design thinking and another one based on “canvas” business model, were planned; each one to be performed in just half an hour. We did it! That was because of participants atmosphere! Great job!



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