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Lost in transition? D-TRANSFORM as a compass for the use of ICT to transform the higher education system

The first official public appearance of the D-TRANSFORM project will take place in the frame of the 2015 EDEN Annual Conference in Barcelona in June.

The aim of the workshop is to demonstrate to participants how senior staff have navigated through the problems of change management in institutions and from their experiences and those of the audience draw lessons on what are the crucial barriers and how to surmount them. The senior staff are drawn from various countries and types of higher education institution.


  • Belinda Tynan, Pro vice-chancellor of Learning and Teaching, Open University (UK)
  • Imma Tubella, former president of Open University of Catalonia (ES)
  • Andras Benedek, Director of the Institute of Applied Pedagogy and Psychology, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, (HU)
  • Clive Mulholland, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of the Highlands and Islands (UK)

 You can read the report on the event here.



D-TRANSFORM conference organized in partnership with the International Association of Universities (IAU) and the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference (MRK)

When: 28-29 April 2016
Where: Budapest, Hungary

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The current European higher education system was designed to prepare an efficient and technically skilled workforce, a workforce that thrived in a 20th century industrial age of repetitive processes. To master the emergent and disruptive changes of the 21st century we need talents that thrive in processes of innovation, creativity and social impact, and to nurture this talent we need a radically different approach to education. In our knowledge society where information is open and accessible, the way universities can stay relevant is to embed skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, empathy, leadership and change making, skills that our digital students use in their everyday life but that are hidden in their curriculum. In a world changing faster and faster, students need interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial learning and solution-oriented skills to succeed.

Time is pressing. In Europe we may not have yet fully understood the world of our digital students and consequently, we must improve considerably the learning strategies and methodologies adapted to their needs and expectations. Europe is suffering a higher education crisis and is lost in that transition. What are the means deployed by the university governances to conduct this transformation process? What are the strategies needed to increase innovativeness and reactivity in a quickly evolving world?

On the basis of the information collected through a recent survey of European universities (2015) carried out in the framework of the D-TRANSFORM project, the event aims at fostering exchanges between leaders of universities in Europe and at discussing innovations that take into account the new collaborative cultures fostered by the present information technologies.

The event is open only for the Hungarian Rectors Conference members.

For the detailed program, please click here.


Leadership for Change in HE Institutions: The D-TRANSFORM Approach
workshop at the 2016 Annual EDEN Conference in Budapest , Hungary (14-17 June, 2016).

During the workshop practical recommendations for educational leaders to drive Higher Education (HE) institutions to the level of transformation required for embracing effective digital learning scenarios were discussed.

The starting point of the workshop were the presentations by Paul Bacsich and Anne Boyer who shared with the audience the first intellectual outputs derived from the D-TRANSFORM European project:

Each presentation was followed by a group activity lead by Marta Aymerich to discuss the scope of digital transition in HE, and the sustainability of the various Open Education business models, respectively.

The upcoming D-TRANSFORM Leadership School training program to assist leaders of European universities to develop and use the tools for effective leadership and decision-making for an ICT-facilitated evolution of their institutions wa also introduced.

Visionary Leadership Forum for Digital Transformation

The event was organized in partnership with ICDE, UNESCO and the project D-Transform, who together took the initiative to mobilise globally for visionary leadership of digital transformation of higher education.

This was a one day leadership forum on the 24 May 2017, hosted by UNESCO, place Fontenoy 7, Paris France attended by over 100 international delegates.

Participants were mainly key persons in government, rectors/presidents and deans from higher education, private sector actors and partner organisations.

The event addressed a call for action on the key opportunities and issues for fostering and implementing good governance and visionary leadership for digital transformation in higher education.

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