European Distance and E-Learning Network


Partner European Distance and E-Learning Network
Acronym EDEN
Partner Profile It is the most comprehensive European association in the field of open, flexible, distance and e learning. Its aim is to foster developments in distance and eLearning through the provision of a platform for collaboration between a wide range of institutions, networks and individuals concerned with ODL and e-learning in Europe. This is done by the information and networking activities in the membership, by the organisation of European conferences and publications. The EDEN Membership (in February 2014) consists of 183 institutional members and 1084 individual members representing 406 institutions in the Network of Academics and Professionals, from 59 countries, covering all Europe.
The internationally renowned EDEN Annual Conferences are organised in different countries since 1992 in mid-June. The smaller thematic conferences, such as the Open Classroom Conferences, Research Workshops and EDEN’s newest initiative, the Synergy Workshop, are alternating bi-annually, taking place in the second half of October.
The Annual Conferences attract a professional audience of 350-450 participants, while the Autumn events usually gather 100-200 people, mainly from academic backgrounds, from worldwide.