1st Leadership School presentations

Digital pedagogy: Millennials, Digital Natives and Learning
Steve Wheeler, Plymouth Institute of Education, UK

Understanding Millennial Mindset
Elena Neira – La otra pantalla/ Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

The Promise and the Reality of Analytics
Anne Boyer – Université de Lorraine

The UOC Library: Case study
Ciro Llueca- UOC

Overcoming academic resistance to ICT-based teaching
András Benedek – BME

Learning Analytics Ready now to serve institutional needs? Feedback from an experience
Azim Roussanaly

Learning Analytics at UOC: Fighting Dropout
Julià Minguillón – UOC

Analytic Projects in the University Context
Jordi Conesa – Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Is learning analytics ready now to serve institutional needs?
Dr Mark Nichols – The Open University, UK

The Open Library – Case study
Rosie Jones – The Open University

Overcoming academic resistance to ICT-based teaching – The experience of Sofia  University
Roumiana Peytcheva-Forsyth- Sofia University

Peer-to-Peer tutoring
Jordi Llonch Esteve – Sharing Academy

Personalising assessment through responsive e-learning solutions
Andrea Karpati, ELTE

New Approaches to Assessment
Anna Guerrero –TeSLA Project, UOC

Benchmarking the Digital Difference
António Moreira Teixeira – Universidade Aberta / EDEN

Benchmarking: from e-learning to digital transformation
Paul Bacsich – Sero Consulting Ltd

What we can learn from small innovative online HE providers: IDI / University of Aberdeen
Michael Stewart

Alternative assessment methods
Albert Sangrà – Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

MOOC AT Pompeu Fabra University – The Impact of a Multidisciplinary Team
Manel Jimènez, Centre per a la Innovació en Aprenentatge i Coneixement (CLIK)
Universitat Pompeu Fabra

College Disrupted – The Present and Future of Higher Education
Ryan Craig – University Ventures

UNT & Fun-MOOC two French initiatives to enhance e-education in HE
Anne Boyer  Université de Lorraine

Business Models for online HE in a complex Europe
Paul Bacsich – Sero Consulting Ltd

The Role of MOOCs
Mark Lester – FutureLearn

Enabling Online Learning in Higher Education
Rajay Naik- Keypath Education

RRI in Strategy for the HE digital transformation
Ignasi López Verdeguer – La Caixa Foundation

From uni-versities to multi-versities
Susanna Sancassani, Politecnico di Milano – METID